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In these videos, you will find very exciting and informative talks of Harry Palmer:


This is a talk held on the Avatar Master Course in Orlando, Florida, on 2nd December 2006... 



Live recording on 18th October 2007 on the Avatar Professional Course in Orlando, Florida.  



This is a live recording of a talk held on the Professional Course on 21st October 2004 in Orlando, Florida.



This video was recorded in September 2009 during a Master Course in Lake Mary, Florida.

The paradigm that Harry Palmer, the author of the Avatar® materials, illustrates in this talk can help us to structure the history and evolution of life. When we superimpose it on consciousness, personal development, human evolution, societies, spiritual paths, governments, religions, just about anything, it will reveal new insights.

Most respected teachers will tell you that the most important undertaking of life is the journey that you make across the three domains of Animal, Intellectual, and Spiritual Consciousness. Using his new paradigm, Harry examines the transition from Animal Consciousness to Intellectual Consciousness and the complex interactions that occur between them. He also discusses the light at the end of the tunnel that is the transition to Spiritual Consciousness.



This was recorded during an International Avatar Course in Orlando, Florida in July 2009.

What happens when things interact? What impressions are left behind? What kind of stories do we create to explain the impressions that life leaves?

The longer you study existence the more you’re going to notice that a lot of things are pressing, bumping, and colliding with each other, and leaving impressions. The events of life leave tracks in our consciousness that inspire us to tell ourselves stories to explain them. The success or failure of your life is all about the story you choose to tell. What you experience is the story you tell yourself and the power to change the story is the power to change your life.



Live recording in November 2009 during an International Avatar Course. 

Harry Palmer talks about how our attitude toward the future creates our experience in the future. If we want life to improve, there's value in believing - it's getting better.


This is a talk of Harry Palmer held during an International Avatar Course in Orlando, Florida.

Life is a challenge and the best rewards are upstream. 

This version has been remastered from the original footage with new graphics and music - 08/2010. 


Live recorded on 19th October 2006 on the Professional Course in Orlando, Florida.

Harry Palmer shares some of his realizations at the 20th anniversary of the founding of The Avatar Course. His attitude is "Make the best of what happens next."


Here Harry Palmer talks to participants of the International Avatar Course on the 30th June 2007 in Orlando, Florida.

Go beyond linear evolution with a sideways step into exploring and understanding the relationship between your beliefs and your experience.


Harry Palmer describes processes for managing change using the Avatar tools.

Recorded during the Orlando Professional Course on 16th October 2008. 



In this talk Harry considers how the use of forces, both mental and physical, affect our lives and how awareness awakens when we stop pushing against ourselves.

Recorded in September 2006 during an Avatar Master Course in Orlando, Florida.



What does it take to create harmony, rather than conflict; to create cooperation instead of competition?

What are the realizations that will transform a person’s attitude from selfishness to service?

What is so powerful that it is considered by all major religions as among the greatest virtues that you can practice?

In this talk Harry provides insights and illustrations as to the importance of personal responsibility, compassion, and service to others.

He discusses the spiritual awakening and changes you can expect from your Avatar experience. He reflects on the realizations that begin as you move from self-awareness into the power of self-acceptance. He also reveals the secret to conserving natural resources. Harry explains how the qualities of personal responsibility, compassion, and service to others measure a society’s, or individual’s, move toward greater happiness.


This talk was recorded in 2009 on the Avatar Professional Course in Orlando, Florida.


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