Harry Palmer, Author of the Avatar Materials


What is it that would really, once and for all, fulfill you?

What would totally satisfy you?

What is it that you truly seek?


If you are like me, you have probably given some thought to the subject of elevated or transcendent states of consciousness. Our faiths abound with references to such states: enlightenment, oneness with the universe, cosmic awareness, bliss, nirvana, Samadhi, grace, universal harmony, heavenly rapture, the glory of redemption, the peace of salvation, satori, godhood, Christ consciousness, etc. Perhaps you have even experienced an elevated state of consciousness yourself.

Did you ever wonder afterwards, “What is real? Did it really happen?” How easily we doubt the remarkable; yet if we didn’t, how could we cope with the ordinary?

It is this uncertain memory of having once experienced such an extraordinary moment of awareness, or even just the faith that such awareness exists, that unsettles our day-to-day affairs and seems to undermine the satisfaction of pursuing any kind of material success. This agitation grows as the sum of our days increases. It grows as a secret dissatisfaction that draws us toward the best of what we might become.

Little by little it motivates our quest to understand, our quest to explain existence, our quest to experience… what?

How do you describe your quest? What word sounds do you make? Salvation? Bliss? The Grand Illumination? THAT! It doesn’t matter. What is sought is the ultimate prize existence has to offer – the quest for transcendent consciousness. By some means, all beings will eventually strive for it. It is The Quest!

Don’t ever bet against a being’s determination to pursue the quest. It is the highest card in the deck. The promise, or the belief, that one’s quest will be fulfilled after righteous death in battle makes a formidable warrior. In the name of the quest, the rule of kings and the legitimacy of governments are trampled in the streets. All other pursuits in life will eventually fall subordinate to the quest! Do you want millions? Why? Do you want power? Why? Do you want to soothe the agonies of the world? Why? What is it that you truly seek? Riches, power, fame, glory – these are only pleasant distractions and temporary respites, consolation prizes for discouraged pilgrims of the quest.

Get by the applause. Get past the insistence that you are right. Look again. The quest will beckon. It cannot long be denied. The quest may very well be the fundamental cause of motion in the universe. 


“All other pursuits in life will eventually fall subordinate to The Quest!”


My own quest began in the perilous psychedelic revolution of the sixties. The lyrics of the Beatles, The Incredible String Band, Bob Dylan and others penetrated my middle-class college life and reminded me: “Naathing is revealed.”

I submitted to the quest in piles of books, covered with the fine white ash of incense: Stranger in a Strange Land, Journey To the East, Siddartha, The Harad Experiment, the I Ching… Didn’t we all?

The quest carried me through a dozen or more psycho-religious cults and gurus in the seventies: Yogananda, Hari Krishna, Ruani Satsang, Kirpal Singh, Zen Buddhism, Raja Yoga, etc., finally into the paranoid sphere of L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology disciples for an expensive dose of disappointment and betrayal.

Older, wiser, I explored the consciousness-altering high tech of the eighties: bio-feed-back, hemi-sync, sensory stimulation and sensory deprivation. Along the way I experienced enough temporary “spiritual highs” or “hits” to keep me looking, but I still did not always understand what I felt or always feel what I understood.

I spent a lot of time wondering, thinking, withdrawing for days into my own thoughts. I wondered if there might be a path or a process that would allow me to self-determinedly create and elevated state of consciousness, to enter a broader awareness without defiling the body with toxic drugs or plugging into someone else’s inspiration. Deliberate transcendence ! I decided to believe that such a process was possible and that I would develop it!

The payoff came in one incredible afternoon in September of 1986. I simply transcended experience! So simple, so pure. In a moment I not only comprehended, but could EXPERIENCE an ancient thread of truth that ran throughout the most profound religious and philosophical literature of man. For several days I defined new levels of consciousness to explore, finally settling for a state of cosmic bliss just below limitlessness and began to laugh.

It was so simple and so obvious once it was seen. It was the culmination of my quest.

A few weeks later it led into the initial stages of development of the Avatar Materials that we have today.



More about the Author of the Avatar Materials

Harry Palmer studied engineering at Clarkson College of Technology in 1962-63, World Literature at Coming Community College 1964, Eastern Philosophy and yoga 1963-67. He received a BA from Ithaca College for special Triplum program 1965-69, received an MA in educational psychology from Elmira College 1969, obtained permanent certification from the University system of NY to teach in 1970.

From 1969 to 1974 Palmer worked in the NY school system. In 1975 he founded a real estate company, in 1982 a satellite TV company, and in 1986 Star’s Edge Research and Development Inc.