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Living Deliberately


by Harry Palmer (Paperback – 1994)

Many people are trapped in mind-numbing routines.Their lives carom through a changing landscape of directions, rules, wins, and losses.

THEN, occasionally, someone wakes up and realizes, “Hey, I am alive.” This is an extraordinary moment. When it is examined, a seeker is born: “Life! What’s this all about?”

LIVING DELIBERATELY is the story of the birth of a seeker, Harry Palmer. Wake up. Read this book.


Intended Audience


Spiritual Teachers

Explorers of consciousness




“Have you ever thought about the subject of consciousness? Where would the universe be without consciousness? If you began eliminating things from the universe—suns, planets, spaces, energies—the last thing you would eliminate would be consciousness!

Could you even eliminate consciousness? Who, or what, would know if you did?

Have you ever been curious, or maybe even concerned, about the momentary experience of some unexpected or unusual mental ability or extra-normal state of consciousness. Maybe you were more than curious; maybe you sought to experience the mysterious state a second time.

Our religious faiths, and more recently our sciences, abound with references to extraordinary consciousness phenomena: enlightenment, turning point experience, holographic consciousness, quantum transformation, cosmic awareness, bliss, nirvana, samadhi, grace, universal harmony, spontaneous healing, alpha rhythms, heavenly rapture, OBE (out-of-body experience), ESP (extrasensory perception), levitation, the glory of redemption, the peace of salvation, satori, godhead, Christ consciousness—and this is only a small sampling.

The growing list confirms that more and more people are encountering phenomena that do not fit with their normal waking moments. Is something going on with consciousness? Is it experiencing its own evolution? A cosmic awakening?

Extraordinary consciousness phenomena occur spontaneously and do not always fit simple cause-and-effect explanations. People are unsure how to describe nonphysical events. Most of the terminology tends to be esoteric or vaguely fluid in meaning. Comparisons and categorizations are closer to art or analogy than to science. And just when an understanding seems imminent, the event, like a rapidly forgotten dream, fades into a haze of doubt. For a moment there was something unusual…wasn’t there? Word descriptions are a pale substitute for the real thing.

Instructions or practices that attempt to re-create the phenomena usually condense to some sort of backward be-do-have ritual that says, “Have faith, do this over and over, and maybe something might happen that you could describe as….” Unfortunately the universe does not work backward and the only result, from such rituals, are self-degradation, hypocrisy and pretense.

So people learn to live with the uncertain memory of a few moments, hours, or days of an extraordinary experience for which the cause is unknown: a euphoric moment of love, an omnipotent moment of invulnerability, an omniscient moment of crystal clarity, a moment of grace, a moment of premonition, a moment so real that the rest of life seems dreamlike. How can one recover these moments? What combination of thought and event will create them? This is a quest into the quintessential realm of consciousness. The prize is beyond any amount of fame, wealth, or power.

Extraordinary moments! Awe-full moments! Experiences that cast even life and death in minor perspective! They leave unexplained magic moments and hint of a thread which, were we able to pull it, might utterly unravel and redefine what we are and what we are becoming.

For some, the demands and desires of life erode such moments into forgetfulness, and they escape back into the safety of plain vanilla reality: paychecks and bills. Probably by now, they will have laid this book aside and continued with the struggle they call their lives.

But you still read. For you, a nine-to-five life, while maybe necessary, is not an answer. You’re on some sort of quest. Are there some fascinating memories hovering near the edge of your imagination? Would you like to have one more look?”

Paperback, AUD 20.00




ReSurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness

by Harry Palmer (Paperback / Spiral Bound, 176 pages – 2008)

Are you living off of someone else’s blueprint? Wearing someone else’s clothes? Living someone else’s life? Don’t answer until you have worked your way through the 30 consciousness expanding exercises in this book.

ReSurfacing refers to the action of disentangling yourself from old creations and rising back into awareness. It is a process of revealing your self to yourself. The reward is discovering why your life works—or why it doesn’t.

Without a doubt, you will be surprised and amazed to discover the source called “You.”

Intended Audience

For people who need to make decisions

For people entering or leaving relationships, companies, or social groups

For people who desire to design their own life

For leaders and mentors



Simple Exercises, Amazing Results By Alicia Isaacs

This is the best book I’ve ever read for personal transformation. It contains very simple exercises and tools that can be done solo or with a group that have made a major difference to the quality of my life. I can pull out one of the exercises to regain control when I’m feeling overwhelmed/stressed out at work. I can use others to simply still my mind. I’ve used them to shift my perspective on painful experiences – both past and present. I’ve used them to look at feelings, beliefs, and memories in a different way, to see them from another’s perspective, and not to be controlled by the emotions they have usually generated. I’ve learned thorugh this book to easily slip into an observer’s point of view, and then to move into a more universal perspective. The results I’ve achieved since reading the book in April 99 are life-changing, and I continue to get more out of them every time I use them. I would recommend this book for any use in your personal or working life. I can’t begin to explain how wonderful the book is. I can only recommend that you buy it and try it for yourself!

Paperback, AUD 20.00



Transcend The Way You Think, Transform The Way You Live.

The Avatar Path: The Way We Came

by Harry Palmer (Paperback – 2011)

The Avatar Path: The Way We Came is the eighth book from Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials. More than a collection of stories and perspectives, this is a complex process of self-evolvement that will transform the way you think. Our Guarantee: Reading this book will change your life.




Like most journeys, self-evolvement has a starting point. That starting point is the recognition that some (or even most) of your guiding values and beliefs are based on imitation of parents, teachers, peers, satisfied customers, celebrities, authorities, the successful, or even the world’s failures.

The life you are living is a copy of someone else’s. It is a patchwork quilt of borrowings and unconscious influences. When you recognize this, really see it, something independent of any mental embellishment awakens—a new self. You can call this new self, “I am.” This ineffable spirit—authentic YOU—wakes up with a desire to explore its potential.

The articles and stories in the pages that follow are intended to illuminate archetypes in consciousness that will assist your growth. As you read, several things will happen: the expectations and opinions of others will be recognized and re-considered; personal values will be re-examined; and patterns of behaviors will change. And most importantly, YOU, that ineffable explorer, will begin awakening as a Source Being. This is a heroic journey.

The only provisions you need are courage, honesty, and perseverance. If people or circumstances have conspired to convince you that you lack these supplies, caches have been left along the way for you to find.

Right up front, I’ll tell you a secret. As secrets go, this one is in the top ten. If it doesn’t ring true for you right now, that’s okay. Part of this journey is recovering the viewpoint that recognizes the truth of this powerful secret. The secret is nothing can harm a Source Being.

This isn’t an easy truth to accept. The universe’s position is that it can roll over you, grind your flesh up, or incinerate your consciousness any time it pleases. It can visit pain and suffering, or pleasure and happiness at its whim. It can snuff out your life unexpectedly. At any moment it can humble you into insignificance by its awesome magnificence. And always it demands that you follow certain of its rules or perish.

But what perishes? You are not a meat body. You are not thoughts. No thought or word can describe you. Thoughts and words are concepts and you are not a concept. You are not anything that can be named. What are you?

The universe can be broadly described in terms of matter, energy, space, and time, but you are not any of these. All definitions and descriptions are part of the universe. You are part of… well that’s the question, isn’t it?


Intended Audience


Spiritual Teachers

Explorers of consciousness



  • I just had such an amazing morning this morning sharing the links to the e-book and bookstore with friends and family. I loved the book. It explains our complexity with a simple clarity that I find refreshing. It is helping me to give a lovely perspective on that “What is Avatar?” question. – J. Witte
  • I read the book on my flight from washington to San Francisco. I couldn’t put it down it was so amazing and afterwards I felt so present I was great! I lent the book to my sister-in-law when I got home and as she browsed it she commented how the book made her feel good. Truly amazing =) thankyou Harry  – H. Tyack
  • It’s a great book that will broaden the way we look at and experience life and the world and transform the way we think. It’s about connecting the dots in our own unique universe. WOW! – B. Jacobs


Paperback AUD 22.50



The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons

by Harry Palmer (Paperback – 2013)

The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons is the ninth book from Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials. This book contains 74 individual lessons, broken into eight broad categories, that were inspired by the advanced Avatar materials.



There are times for public broadcast and there are times for private lessons.
PRIVATE LESSONS are extrapolated from the advanced Avatar Materials. They are intended to be contemplative slices of subjects rather than full explanations. The sequence is subtle to non-existent. Some slices belong together, for example, the sections on creative study, domains of being, and relationships. Other slices are single pieces that you will have to stitch to the whole.
Overall, I wrote about things that I thought were important to know, and that might be of some benefit to others.
Toward that end, receive my deepest respect and may your heart-sun shine in service to others.

Harry Palmer
Star’s Edge, 2013


Intended Audience


Spiritual Teachers

Explorers of consciousness


Paperback AUD 30.00


Love Precious Humanity: The Collected Wisdom of Harry Palmer

edited by Kayt Kennedy (1999) Love Precious Humanity is a collection of quotes from Harry Palmer that reflect the wisdom, humor, and remarkable insight of this perceptive and unassuming teacher.

This is a book that you can open to any page to find inspiration and motivation. Or you can choose one of 32 categories for insights into a specific area of life.


Don’t let what you are being get in the way of what you might become.

• • • •

To begin the process of sorting out your life, you must own and appreciate the circumstances you find yourself in right now—continuously.

• • • •

Gravity particles create mass. Attention particles create identity (self).

• • • •

The mission of Avatar in the world is to catalyze the integration of belief systems. When we perceive that the only difference between any of us is our beliefs, and that beliefs can be created and discreated with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down, and world peace will ensue.

• • • •

As your own true nature is realized— undefined and ever present—all will recognize that there is no gain that we do not all participate in and no loss for which we do not all share the sacrifice.


Intended Audience

Anyone Needing a Spiritual Boost



The aphorisms of Harry Palmer reflect humor, wisdom and remarkable insight, and cover some thirty categories of human experience that have been arranged and presented with fine sensitivity by Editor Kennedy. Comparison with other collections such as the TAO TE CHING reflects the same qualities; however Mr. Palmer presents something new: that the individual has the power to create her or his own life by fully experiencing his or her beliefs about life, and accepting full responsibility for them –something along the lines of Goethe’s thought, “Whatever you can do or believe you can do, begin: boldness carries its own genius, power and magic.” Well worth reading, meditating and enjoying, and acting upon for years to come.

Mike Ryan (Wausau, WI USA)


 Paperback AUD 27.50



Empower Yourself With The Avatar® Mini-Courses.

Seven Pillars of Enlightenment

by Harry Palmer (Spiral Bound – 2006)

The seven Avatar Mini-Courses are your opportunity to see and feel how empowering the Avatar tools can be. This attractive workbook presents the mini-courses in the order that Harry intended for them to be completed.



One typical northwest day, I woke up to discover I had put myself in a situation that went against everything I believed in. My business partners did something unethical and, being part of the corporation, my reputation was now on the line. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. Why hadn’t I seen the signs? How could I have been so blind? I felt disgusted and sick at the same time. There seemed to be no way out of this horrendous hole I’d dug myself into.

A friend suggested I do the Belief Management Mini-Course. My first thought was, Doesn’t she see that my problem is much bigger than that? It would take a much longer process, more books and deep discussions to come up with a solution to this huge problem. But, wanting a place to start, I read a few pages and completed the first exercise. The mini-course gave me the incentive to step outside my virtuous self and see things from a more expanded perspective. Within half an hour, I discovered how my beliefs were tangled into the whole mess. It was shocking and at the same time empowering to notice them and realize that in changing my beliefs, my experience would change as well. For the first time that day, I felt like I could breathe. There was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

It was easy to see how my business partners’ behavior affected me as well as our clients. Their actions had a ripple effect. To be at the receiving end of it was harsh. It had me curious how my actions affected others. I spent the rest of the day carrying on in my usual ways, paying particular attention to each person’s disposition after the interaction. It was an eye-opener. The more I witnessed the effect I had on another being, the more attention I paid to being kind. It felt good and just got better and better. The day that started off in dark despair turned into a light feeling of euphoria and heart-felt connection with all of humanity. The mini course turned out to be a major life changing experience for me.

At this point, I felt inspired to do the Forgiveness Option Mini-Course. It guided me in learning how to forgive my business partners. In doing Exercise #2: Burdens of Life Worksheet, I realized what I could have done to prevent the situation. It was one of those realizations that make you go “hmmm.” I was amazed at the gratitude I felt toward my partners. They were the conduits for this particular life lesson of mine. Once I had a clearer understanding of the situation, I could be more present and put my attention on what I wanted to create. I was even more committed to living a life of integrity. So, what to do about my business situation? I used to think that forgiveness meant letting things slide and cutting people slack. Au contraire! When we truly forgive, there’s no blame. We simply lose interest in making ourselves vulnerable to people we don’t trust. Forgiveness allows us to tap into a deeper level of discernment. It’s an act of self-love and ultimate care. It’s about personal responsibility and giving ourselves relief from self-sabotage. From this place we are in a stronger position to make a positive difference in the world.

I could go on and tell you how I got back on track with the Basic Life Alignment Mini-Course, but I think you get the idea. These mini-courses work! I’m grateful to my friend for recommending them and to Harry Palmer for writing them.

Pamela Ziemann (Washington, USA)


Intended Audience


Spiritual Teachers

Explorers of consciousness

For people who desire to design their own life



There are word lessons and there are world lessons. A word lesson is an effort to convey an experience via spoken or written symbols. A word lesson can be informative or enjoyable or inspiring. A word lesson is an expression of someone’s belief. A word lesson can be a very nice thing, but it should not be confused with a world lesson.

A world lesson is something that you live through. It’s something you encounter and deal with in life. And from the world lesson you emerge changed, more experienced, wiser. A world lesson is an experience. It does not require translation into symbols or sounds for you to remember it. It becomes part of what you know, of how you define yourself to yourself. A word lesson seldom has this impact.

A world lesson becomes a word lesson as soon as it is expressed. What you know becomes a belief as soon as it is expressed. A word lesson can convey descriptions and instructions, but as far as experience, it is a pale substitute.

Your study of the mini-courses begins as a word lesson describing exercises and conveying instructions, but as you participate, it changes to a world lesson. The word lessons of the mini-courses are insignificant compared to the world lessons you create by your participation.

So, go beyond reading the words. Seek an experiential clarity of what is encountered. Bring it into your tent and try it on. If you’ve been studying about the taste of apples, go eat an apple.


Paperback AUD 47.50


Unlock The Answers To Anything You Want To Know.

Thoughtstorm  Manual: An Evolution in Human Thinking

by Harry Palmer (Spiral Bound – 1986)

In the years since its first appearance, Thoughtstorm has established itself as a favorite tool of the entrepreneur. It has inspired the creation of THOUSANDS of businesses and sits on the bookshelves of some of the wealthiest people in the world. Deceptively simple, yet profound, its ability to generate insights into problems is a priceless technology.




Better than Brainstorming and a lot more FUN!! By Jan L. Nadeau

This is the most wonderful tool that has come along in centuries for people to come together and align for a common purpose. We have a group in Northern Michigan who meet regularly to do Thoughtstorms and we have had some amazing results! The process is very creative and FUN!! The book is self-instructional and any group can use it for any purpose. It can be used by businesses to come to Team alignment and by families to reach a deeper level of understanding of each other. When the group reaches the Corecept (The Core Concept which is the purpose of the Thoughtstorm) it comes as a true AH HA !! The wonderful thing is that you don’t give up the Thoughtstorm until everyone has reached agreement !! Unlike a brainstorm which is a good tool but usually results in a random list, the Thoughtstorm results in a very powerful feeling of group alignment!! The book is easily understood and just about anyone can benefit from the experience. Harry includes an entire section of topics with questions you can use for Thoughtstorms, as well as guidance on how to create your own Thoughtstorm questions. It is a wonderful way to spend time and is inexpensive, too.

• • • •

This book is a wonderful tool to use personally, with a group and for work. Gets to the heart of things without struggling mentally to figure out answers. Feeling the ease and flow when participants are all in “synch” and the answers to your thoughtstorm are truly felt by all, is a beautiful and powerful experience. Harry Palmer created this amazing tool which I experienced first-hand on an Avatar® course.

Nicola Karesh (Pisgah Forest, NC USA)


Intended Audience


Organizational councils and committees

Elected or appointed officials

Leaders and mentors



The initial seed of speculation that launched the Thoughtstorm project in 1986 dropped out of a discussion on how organisms evolve different adaptations in their competition to survive. Some creatures depend upon natural colorations for camouflage, others survive by fleetness of foot or fin, others by the force of tooth and claw. Probably you can think of many other adaptations that species have evolved in their competition to dominate and survive, but the most powerful of all adaptations is the ability to think. In a few millennia, thinking has achieved virtual domination for any species that has evolved and employed it.

Could thinking be improved? Does it have potential still to be unlocked? How vital is it
for us to unlock this potential? In the endless churning of evolution, time and events not only test the immediate survival value of each species’ adaptations, but they test the long-range consequences as well.

Turning the adaptation that permitted the human species to survive and dominate other species into a mechanism for competition among members of our own species may be the wrong turn that leads to self-extinction.

Thinking could yet join the anonymous club of adaptations that fail the long-term test. Our ironic epitaph: Humankind, destroyed by its ability to survive.

Thus the initial seed of speculation was this: Are there more effective (rational, cooperative, compassionate) ways of thinking? Methods whose long-term consequences will not lead to oblivion? That is how the first discussion session, the genesis of Thoughtstorm, began.

Seven people were invited to meet in a library conference room to participate in a research project. As the host, I read them the following statement:

“It is demonstrably true that the output power of a single source can be aligned with the output power of another source and end up with more total power than either source is capable of producing alone. For example: multi-engine aircraft, banks of power generators, teams of horses, packs of dogs, the strands of a rope, etc.

“The question is, Can this same alignment principle be applied to human thinking?”


Paperback AUD 35.00 


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